Pillowcase Collocation Knowledge

- May 25, 2020-

Pillowcase Collocation Knowledge

Color Collcation

1. The color of pillowcases varies from person to person. The pillowcase of brunet design is elegant and graceful, suit to decorate luxurious household. Colourful cushion for leaning on, suit the room of contemporary style. Pillowcase of warm color attunement, suit old people to use, pillowcase of cool color attunement design is young people to use more, the pillowcase of cartoon design is loved deeply by children.

2. The design of pillowcase can be multifarious, differ in thousands ways, can be the cloth color alone even, want to be able to rise harmoniously with whole bedroom environment only on colour.

3. The interior if present a large area of white, the atmosphere lacks a sense of bouncing. At this time the color of the pillowcase can not be too bright.

Dimensional Style Collocation

1. British rural style, the feeling that gives the person gorgeous and elegance, make a person love the romantic breath that broken flower pillowcase builds especially. Make the sitting room of British rural style, make it with broken beautiful cloth art pillowcase, can let the sitting room be full of the aesthetic amorous feelings of British rural.

2. The home that pop art acts the role of article has extremely saturated tonal, Accordingly pillowcase can use the color sush as bright yellow, orange red, malachite blue.

3. The Moroccan style can use the classic Persian spiral pattern pillowcase, for you to create a bedroom atmosphere full of exotic amorous feelings.