Pretreatment Of Polyester Knitted Fabric

- Aug 12, 2020-

   The purpose of the pre-treatment of polyester knitted fabric is to remove the oil and antistatic agent applied to the fiber during spinning and the oil stains on the weaving. All fabrics that are set before dyeing must be pre-treated to avoid defects caused by oil stains and impurities on the fibers during heat setting.

    For the pre-treatment of polyester knitted fabrics, 0.5%~1% (weight of the fabric) soap or synthetic detergent solution can be added to a small amount of soda ash, treated at 80~90℃ for about 30min, and then washed in hot or cold water.

    Pure polyester knitted fabrics do not need to be bleached, because the polyester itself is already very white, even if it is an extra-white variety, the whiteness requirement can be achieved by fluorescent whitening.