Printed Suede

- Jul 09, 2018-

Recently, the sales of foreign orders in the market have improved slightly. Most of the orders in the European and American markets are mainly home textile products, ranging from bedding and sofa fabrics to cushions and beach cloths. One of the printed suede is popular in the market for its comfortable feel, beautiful hair and colorful colors.

It is understood that the fabric is woven with the island silk 105D and FDY150D polyester filament as raw materials. After pre-shrinking, shaping, dyeing and other excellent processing and various finishing, the fabric has a width of 150cm and a weight per square meter. At around 130g. After digital printing or transfer printing, the fabric style is different and vivid. In addition, its biggest advantage is still soft, easy to take, easy to care, these are unmatched by other velvet fabrics. At present, there are many kinds of flower samples on the market, or cartoon patterns, lively and lovely, or irregular graphics, simple and generous, or polka-dot stripes, fashionable and novel. From the color point of view, khaki, light gray, coffee, sky blue, red is loved by customers. Due to the numerous fabrics and the rich color of the fabric, it can meet the different needs of people. In addition to being loved by the domestic textile market, it is also loved by foreign buyers. The downstream purchases are mostly used for sofas, cushions and curtains.

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