RPET Suede Fabric

- Jul 06, 2018-

RPET suede fabric refers to the yarn used in the warp or weft of the fabric. It is processed from a recycled PET bottle (mineral water bottle and cola bottle) (separated by quality inspection, slicing, spinning) and then spun and weaved. Also known as RPET fabric. The fabric is fresh and elegant, very beautiful, bright and not faded. It has soft touch, good velvet, soft and delicate, no pilling, good anti-wrinkle performance, strong taking ability and easy to care for drape.

RPET suede fabric classification

Mainly divided into two types: radial suede, zonal suede

Radial suede: plain weave, the island line is used for the warp, and the recycled polyester yarn is used for the weft.

Common specifications: 50D*75D, 75D*150D, 75D*200D, 75D*300D, 105D*75D, 105D*100D, 105D*150D, 105D*200D, 105D*225D, 105D*300D, 105D*400D, 105D*450D ,105D*600D

Woven suede: satin weave, regenerated polyester yarn for warp, and island silk for weft.

General specifications: 75D*105D, 75D*225D, 105D*150D

Can be divided into: single-sided suede, double-sided suede

RPET suede fabric application range

Home textiles (curtains, sofa covers, pillows, backrests, etc.), clothing (casual wear, down jackets, etc.), luggage bags, children's wear, interior accessories, decorative fabrics, warm water pockets, shoe materials (lining, fabrics are suitable) , clean cloth (glass cloth), leather base fabric, high-grade packaging box, lighting materials, etc.

RPET suede fabric finishing

Composite (lamb wool, mesh, etc.), coating (PU, PVC), crumpled, embossed, printed, bronzing / silver, etc.

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