Safty Fabric For The Garment

- Sep 01, 2020-

Clothing is closely related to daily life. The feel of fabrics, plasticity, drape, comfort, functionality, etc., determine the styles of various garments, and also determine the prices of garments and brand prices.

For a perfect garment, the choice and design of its fabrics are very important. Successful fabric selection will do more with less. How to choose fabrics successfully? The most important thing is to ensure the safety of the fabric! If the safety of the fabric cannot be guaranteed, how to ensure the safety of the clothing?

How to ensure the safety and reliability of fabrics? Fabric testing is indispensable. Fabric testing in advance can prevent the occurrence of clothing safety accidents. Suppliers and manufacturers should strengthen their awareness of fabric safety and conduct timely testing of fabrics. Generally, factories must go through a third-party testing company. (Such as Hengxiang testing...) Testing can ensure the qualified health of the fabric. Clothing fabrics are the basis of clothing. Only if the fabrics are qualified, can the clothing be qualified and healthy, and consumers can wear it at ease. If the formaldehyde content and heavy metal content of the fabric exceed the standard, it will have a great impact on people. Can you wear clothes made of such fabrics with confidence?