Sanded Suede Fabric

- Jul 06, 2018-

The raw material adopts the specification of 105D island composite silk × 200D polyester DTY network wire, which is produced and weaved on the water jet loom. It has undergone dyeing and finishing processes, and then has a fine sanding process. The style is relatively novel, and the finished door width is about 150cm. It is understood that the main features of this fabric is thin, soft to the touch, good drape, and strong velvet, the texture is better than the weft suede; after finishing, in addition to sanding, it can be bronzing, embossing, Further processing such as punching to increase the added value of the product. It is reported that this kind of sanded suede fabric is not only the ideal fabric for making autumn and winter fashion casual wear, windbreaker, trousers and other apparel, but also can be used to make home textile products such as sofa cover and decorative cloth.

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