Several Common Fabric Maintenance Tips For Summer Clothing

- May 07, 2020-

    Nylon fabrics

    1. Do not iron.

    2. do not expose in the sun after washing, the light fastness of nylon fabric is not very good, easy to      occur light fade.

    Cotton fabric

    1. cold water machine wash, do not overweight.

    2. the whole cotton sweater resilience is poor, easy deformation, wearing can not be pulled too large,

especially the collar, cuffs, hem and other places, acrylic cotton blended sweater resilience is relatively      good, not as easy as the whole cotton sweater deformation, but more easy to wool, washing also need 

to pay attention to not overweight.


    1. cold washing machine wash, do not bleach.

    2. Do not press at high temperature.

    3. The ironing temperature of the blended shirts should be appropriately lowered and the pressing cloth should be ironed.

    4. Hard collar can't be ironed.

    5. hang reservoir.

    Printed T-shirts

    1. printing can not pull, not knead, or wring.

    2. Do not iron the printing place to prevent the printing from falling off

    3. the elastic of rib cloth is good, printing is easy to fall off when pulling too much.

    Elastic T-shirt

    1. Elastic fabric should not be ironed at high temperature to prevent damage to its elasticity

    2. do not drift, will damage the fabric elasticity

    3. Some stretch fabrics are woven with core-spun yarn, which is relatively fluffy and has a lot of wool on the fabric surface. When washing, please pay attention not to be overweight to prevent excessive wool

    4. Do not expose to the sun to prevent damage to the fabric elasticity

    Cotton lightweight T-shirts

    1. Do not overweight when washing, do not wash together with other thick clothes, prevent deformation, hair is overweight and be scratched, abrade, had better wash alone

    2. The fabric structure is thin and the elasticity of the fabric is low. When wearing the fabric, please pay attention to prevent the hard material from winking the yarn and causing holes

    3. The lightweight fabric is easy to be deformed, so please pay attention not to stretch it too much when wearing it