Several Common Material Pillowcase Fabrics

- May 22, 2020-

Pillowcase directly affects the comfort of sleep, then choose what kind of material pillowcase will be better? Current pillowcase, with cotton cloth, cotton polyester and man-made fiber can be used to sew pillowcase, Generally speaking, pillowcase with the the cloth of pure cotton quality of a material gets popular most. Because its permeability and moisture absorption are very good, and do not stimulate the skin. In addition, there are families like to use silk pillowcases. and there are several common pillowcase fabrics on the market, here to do a simple analysis.

1. Pure Cotton Fabric

Natural plant fiber, contact with the skin without any stimulation, healthy and harmless to human body. It has good moisture absorption, air permeability, soft and comfortable, good trial performance, good dyeing performance, good color and lustre, strong alkali resistance, poor acid resistance, good heat resistance and light resistance, poor elasticity, easy to wrinkle, easy to mould, but insect resistance.

2. Hemp Fabric

Natural plant fiber, good air permeability, flexibility, good mildew resistance, not easy to damp mildew, its strength, thermal conductivity and moisture absorption are greater than cotton fabric.

3. Yarn-Dyed Pure Cotton

A kind of pure cotton fabric is woven with different colors of warp and weft. As a result of first dyeing after weaving, dye permeability is strong, colour and lustre fastness is better, and the stereo feeling of different colour yarn fabric is strong, the style is distinctive, the performance in bedding is striped lattice pattern more. It has the characteristics of pure cotton fabric, but usually has a higher shrinkage rate.

4. TC

It is divided into plain and twill. Plain terylene cotton face thin, strength and wear resistance are very good, small shrinkage, made products appearance is not easy to go out of shape, and low price, good durability, but not as comfortable and close-fitting as pure cotton, easy to wool ball, and production of static electricity. In addition, because dacron is not easy to dye, so terylene fabric pattern is light, light color tone, more suitable for spring and summer use. Twill terylene usually USES plain weave density, so it appears dense and thick, surface luster, feel is better than plain weave.

5. Silk

Gorgeous appearance, riches and honour, it has natural soft light and flickering effect, soft feel and good hang feeling.


It has the "comfort" of cotton, the "strength" of polyester, the "luxury aesthetic feeling" of wool fabric, the "unique touch" and the "soft sag feeling" of silk. It is very strong and ductile in both dry and wet conditions. It feels cool, with good air permeability, high strength and good dimensional stability. This fiber fabric has low shrinkage and good washable property.

7. Colorful Silk

Using cotton, viscose, and the composition of st. lysium, st. lysium is a metal wire, because its exterior has a variety of colors, it will contain st. lysium fabric called colorful silk.

8. Rayon Cotton

Mainly viscose fiber, soft and comfortable, excellent moisture absorption, breathable, good drape, low cost, but large shrinkage, poor wet treatment strength, easy to wrinkle.

9. Silk And Cotton Fabric

Cotton and silk blended fabric, soft and comfortable texture, highly polished, good air permeability, good moisture absorption, easy to wrinkle, fancy but expensive.