Simple Ways To Tell The Pros And Cons Of Fabrics

- May 18, 2020-

    The quality of fabric is related to the beauty and comfort of clothing, if the quality of fabric is very good,but you get the heads and tails wrong, it still cannot achieve the desired effect. Therefore, it is a simple and important task to distinguish the pros and cons of fabric in garment processing or other fabric application.

    1. Most of the fabric colour and pattern on the front will be better than the other to be clear, if there is a case or other decorative pattern on it, that its positive affirmation is more clear, if above fabrics have a great part of it in a positive place will certainly be more closely, also will be more careful, but in the opposite will be rough, there will be floating long term existence, can also check the fabric edge, if more clean and tidy is positive.

    2. Also has its own characteristics of the front side of all kinds of fabrics, such as pile fabrics, if is single pile, which has a soft side is positive, but if it is double pile, the positive affirmation is the side with the nap is bright and clean steam, multi-layer fabric if the warp/weft density on both sides of the same time, in most cases the raw material is better, or the density larger side is positive, the other of gauze fabrics positive directions will stick out some positive terry towel fabric density will be large, positive color is more bright printed fabrics, the above design more clear some.

    3. Another way to identify the fabric is that in addition to the exported fabric, if there is a trademark or an inspection seal, most of them are on the opposite side. In fact, there is an obvious difference between the two sides of the fabric, but there are also a few of the two sides are the same, both sides can be used, so this kind of fabric does not need to distinguish the two sides.