Some Tips On Pillow Replacement

- May 27, 2020-

Simple Self-Examination Criteria For Deciding Whether To Replacing Your Pillow

1. In the absence of other physical ailments, often feel numbness and swelling in  neck after getting up in the morning.

2. The pillow has lost its elasticity and needs a good beating to regain some of it.

3. After adjusting the pillow with difficulty, it quickly became flat again.

4. Pillows are lumpy, uneven, and filled with damp odor.

How Long Does The Pillow Use Change Appropriate

  There are a lot of people change their pillows every 4 years, actually the pillow should be every 1 ~ 3 years change. Because old dirty pillow is easy to breed mould, mite bug, cause allergy or respiratory tract disease. The pillow of choose and buy should be washed conveniently and can be dried, such pillow just can usable get long, your morpheus health also can obtain assure.