Spring-Summer Thin Apparel Fabric Flower Color Active Innovation

- Mar 20, 2018-

The trend of thin spring-summer apparel fabrics in 2018, color and fabric design is completely different from last year's frigidity and fresh air. In the spring and summer of 2018, there was a positive and innovative appearance. Fabrics and colors were more unique and diverse. With visual impact, meaning is more emotional.

Color articles: The trend of color matching is mainly divided into three major themes: primitive refinement, subtle transformation, and experimental romance.

Theme 1: The original and exquisite. Exquisite weaving, rich and varied coarse yarns, and striking the essence of fabrics, give birth to a fashion with colorful beauty of vitality, subverting the idea of perfection, because imperfections produce various differences, combining original and refined processing, Strengthen the sensory side of the fabric, natural touch and eye-catching visual effects, to achieve a balance between natural and artificial rough and delicate.

Theme II: Subtle transformation. Traditionally reconstructed, the classic color weaving grid breaks the gender's color and the fuzzy of formal dress leisure. Slightly subversive to the classics, such as the vagueness of the concept of gender, through the new design techniques to show a new look to the profile, breaking the gender restrictions, to the neutral development; formal and leisure phase decorated with embellishment, exotic style Innovation.

Theme 3: Experimental romance. Bubble double cloth, exquisite Eugenian embroidery. Balance between science and poetry, inject emotions into science and technology, and be emotional in reason, so that the boundaries between men and women are silly and unclear. Create an elegant fashion with a sporty style, and focus on the balance between daily and sexy, comfort and charm can also meet a future that is rational and emotionally compatible.