Suede Velvet Application In The Apparel Industry

- May 27, 2018-

The imitation suede fabric produced by using the sea-island fiber has superior performance, the finished fabric has good drape, light texture, and good three-dimensional feeling; the shrinkage of moisture and heat is small, but also has good air permeability, abrasion resistance, softness, etc. Making fine fabrics. Suede fabrics mainly include warp suede, jacquard suede, weft knitted suede (all islands, half island), woven suede. At the same time, the post-processing extension of the product is also very wide, can be hot stamping, printing, compounding, punching, creasing, embossing, embroidering, grinding and other deep processing processing, but also increased the use of suede in the apparel industry.

If you think that the down jacket is too bloated and the woolen coat is not warm enough, try a suede jacket. Feel soft, warm and not bloated, and easy to clean. With lamb fur, sweet but not greasy. This winter, do not become bloated penguins, but do not be frozen beauty.

01 Slim-fitting jacket style completely eliminates the bloated feeling of winter warm clothing. Lamb wool and suede combine to make temperature and beauty coexist. Zippers add a tough touch to the softness.

02 The lamb wool of the placket, shoulders and cuffs adds a sweet touch to the handsome jacket. Although the same dark brown as suede, but because of the different materials, still showing a clear but not unexpected contrast.

03 A suede coat with a lamb's fur liner has been added. The warmth is at least doubled compared to a pure suede coat. The naughty lamb's hair jumped out from the brim, placket, cuffs, etc. Unique block stitching makes clothes more self-cultivation.

04 Suede is a deep brown color that belongs to the earth color. The lamb's hair is a light pinkish-orange color with a warm atmosphere. The two layers have a sense of depth but do not show abruptness. Windbreaker models cut, handsome and stylish. Exquisite metal buttons add a touch of refinement to the entire coat.

05 The combination of black leather and suede in retro tones expresses a wild, atmospheric field. Dark brown suede is embellished with dark yellow stripes, abstract and artistic. Soft fur collar, embellished with elegant aristocratic temperament.

06 Suede and lambskin hairs seem to be a perfect match. They can always show a different look when they partner. In addition to its large area on the lapels, the white lamb's wool appears as an embellishment at the edges of the sleeves and pockets, which condenses a deep, sweet temperament.

07 Light green down jacket, like an evergreen green radish, is still full of vitality in the cold winter. The supple and supple suede fabric is covered with plump down, fluffy but not bloated. Plump collar stand, petals seem delicate when open, warm neck when buckled.

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