Suede Velvet Fabric Cleaning

- Feb 23, 2018-

Buckskin Velvet is a common fabric material, broadly speaking, including denim imitation leather velvet, leather velvet, weft-like fleece, such as velvet, the narrow sense of suede velvet is made of suede velvet.

In general, Suede Velvet is not all made of real deer skin, but also useful man-made and natural points. Now the most common suede velvet material is imitation leather velvet, there are denim imitation leather velvet, suede-like, weft imitation leather, warp-knitted leather velvet, double-sided imitation leather velvet, elastic imitation leather and so on. The natural suede material is the skin of a deer, usually the best of the stag's skin. So when buying suede velvet products, be careful to distinguish between natural suede velvet and artificial suede velvet.

Suede Velvet products in the cleaning process to note the following:

1. Use a dedicated solution for cleaning, such as gasoline or four vinyl chloride solution greater than 90th. The dosage is 250ml-500ml;

2. Suede Velvet Cleaning, the emphasis on the treatment of stains. Suede Velvet is not necessary to large areas of immersion, cleaning time as long as the emphasis on the stains often dealt with. For example, when cleaning suede velvet clothes, just want to tile the clothes, with a short brush dip in the solvent, down to gently scrub down. Scrub in especially dirty place several times, then use towel to absorb dirt, place in ventilated place to dry;

3. It is advisable for professionals to have two years of care. In fact, all cortical products require regular care by professionals, because when they clean up, there is always a place, professionals can use a number of special methods, tools to clean. And the cycle, once in two years.