Super Soft Velvet

- Dec 26, 2020-

Super soft velvet is a kind of knitted warp-knitted flannel, usually used as jacket lining, and can also be processed into bedding, toys, blankets, etc.The super soft velvet fabric generally uses 75D144F or 100D144F stretch yarn, and the bottom yarn uses conventional 50D24F polyester filament. Super soft velvet is generally classified according to the length of the hair, ranging from 0.5MM to 5MM. The fabric is raised in the later stage, and the printing and dyeing is generally treated with live wool to maintain its feel. Nowadays, it is more common in the post-processing of super soft tops, such as printing, bronzing, and compounding, and then the functionality is also increased, such as waterproofing, depletion, and flame retardant.