Superposition Of Multiple Factors Raw Material Prices Have Soared Since April!

- Apr 27, 2018-

MMA rises!

MMA is an organic compound, also known as MMA, is an important chemical raw material, is the production of transparent plastic polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) monomer, mainly used for the manufacture of organic glass, Coatings, additives, resins, etc. Due to the policy of restricting the import of foreign waste, the overall supply surface for recovering cracked materials through recycling of foreign wastes has shown a trend of collapse, and raw materials are difficult to find, leading to increasingly tense supply in the cracker market.

Due to the high market price of cracked materials and the continuous shortage of supply, more and more downstream producers of cracked materials purchased on the subjective level began to increase the purchase of methyl methacrylate. The MMA market is hot.

It is understood that the recent domestic market prices of methyl methacrylate continue to climb up the trend of active operation, the overall supply level is abnormally tight background, the domestic major production companies have reportedly reluctant sellers, the recent domestic mainstream prices of methyl methacrylate high transaction prices Climbing to RMB 25,300-25,500/t, high-end transaction prices in some regions have been consolidated to RMB 26,000/t, the mainstream market in East China has been negotiated at RMB 24,500-25,000/ton, and the market in South China has been negotiating between RMB 25,000 and RMB 25,500/ton, and the market price has been hit. A new record high.

Due to the shutdown of domestic methyl methacrylate production enterprises and the downstream terminal sales entering the peak season from April to May, it is expected that the overall market supply of methyl methacrylate will be tense, and the overall supply may be insufficient.

Additives rise!

Market feedback, due to the recent surge in methyl methacrylate, in the application of related additives, the high market price of methyl methacrylate products digested very quickly. An agent dealer said that the recent brightening agent 701, benzoin, matting agents have varying degrees of gains, including brightness enhancer rose 2500 yuan / ton, the current offer in the 24400 yuan -25000 yuan / ton. Extinction agent rose 3,000 yuan / ton, because the amount of business is not large, the unit is calculated in kg, total rose 3 yuan / kg, at present, indoor physical matting agent quoted at 42,000 yuan / ton, outdoor physical matting agent to sell 55,000 yuan / Ton or so, even if these auxiliaries rose, they still did not reduce the enthusiasm for market demand. With the increase of MMA, various auxiliaries prices have rebounded.

Epoxy resin up!

Downstream applications of methyl methacrylate, such as environment-friendly coating resins, have also shown different degrees of increase.

On April 11, most companies in Huangshan District raised the price of epoxy resin by RMB 200-700/ton. As of April 11, liquid epoxy resin in East China was quoted at 19300-20000 yuan/ton, and solid epoxy resin was quoted at 16,500-17,000 yuan/ton. Against the downward trend of the first quarter, the trend of bottoming out rebounded recently.

Nylon 66 rises!

Due to rising raw material costs and tight supply, BASF began to increase PA66 by US$300/ton (equivalent to RMB1880/ton) on April 15. It is reported that, driven by improvement in supply and demand in the industry, the domestic PA66 market has increased its price by 14% since February of this year, and the cumulative increase since 2017 has reached 43%.

PA66 is mainly used in the field of chemical fiber and engineering plastics. It is synthesized from hexamethylenediamine and adipic acid to prepare nylon 66 salt. The raw material hexanediamine is obtained by hydrogenation of adiponitrile. Due to the production process of adiponitrile, a core raw material, controlled by international giants such as INVISTA, Solvay, and Oswald, domestic companies did not substantially expand PA66 capacity. In terms of domestic companies, only Shenma (600810), Huafeng, and Guorui have polymerization capabilities, with a combined capacity of 325,000 tons, of which Shenma (600810) and Guorui have adiponitrile hydrogenation to produce hexamethylenediamine. Huafeng requires the purchase of hexamethylene diamine.

Dye rises!

Huntsman Company issued a notice that due to the increase in production costs, only part of the increased costs could be allocated to customers, otherwise production would not continue. Simply increase the price! The new price policy after the price increase took effect on April 8, 2018.

Giants for April price increases include but are not limited to: BASF, Clariant, Eastman, Kansai Paint, AkzoNobel, Nippon, Axalta, Arkema, and Lyondell Basel. . .

With a variety of factors superimposed, does chemical product prices really have to go through the "Golden Three Silver Four"? Those who have not risen, those who want to rise, and those that have already risen are all affecting the fragile heart of the chemical industry. Xiao Bian reminds everyone to pay attention to upstream and downstream information and actively respond to price changes!