The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Suede Velvet Fabric

- Feb 21, 2018-

The advantages of suede velvet fabric are:

1. High-grade Grade: Suede velvet wool feel soft, smooth, good texture, looks like high-grade grade;

2. Unique style: Buckskin Velvet product surface plump and meticulous, small reflective point, so shiny, color is also very soft, and other cortical products look different;

3. Comfort: Because suede velvet surface fiber slender, many voids, so suede cashmere products have a better water absorption and oil absorption, but also let buckskin velvet products have more static air, so that suede velvet dress more comfortable, but also has a good thermal insulation effect;

4. Good waterproof performance: the diameter of raindrops is generally between 100~200μm, the body's water vapor about 0.1μm, while the gap between Buckskin Velvet is only 0.2~10μm, so suede cashmere fabric has a good waterproof performance;

5. Decontamination Ability: Suede velvet fiber slender, more space and dense, so suede velvet made of cleaning utensils have a very strong cleaning role, and suede velvet made of clean products are very soft, will not scratch the clean items.

However, suede velvet fabric is not perfect, but also has its own shortcomings, the following is a description of the deficiencies of suede fabric:

1. Do not resist the dirt: suede velvet made of clean products to decontamination ability, the corresponding, suede velvet made of clothing, etc. will not be resistant to dirt, the principle is the same, because buckskin velvet easy to absorb dirt;

2. Clean complex: Suede velvet clean up requires a lot of steps patience, not more than the cotton products directly thrown in the washing machine can be, and if suede velvet clean not in place haul, will also damage buckskin velvet products;

3. Poor water resistance: suede Velvet Waterproof performance may be the advantages, there are deficiencies, although suede velvet rainy days can be waterproof, but in the cleaning of buckskin velvet when it is more difficult, need a large area of water to be able to;

4. High price: The price of Buckskin velvet is determined by material, if it is natural suede velvet material, the price is slightly higher, and even if the artificial suede velvet to pursue natural suede velvet feel, so the production and sale of the cost is not low.