The Color Visual Psychological Phenomenon Of Fabrics

- May 29, 2020-

   The reflection of fabric color in the observation of the streamline brain is the visual psychology of fabric color. In this sense, fabric color psychology is also a psychological range. The visual psychology of fabric color is a very important basic theoretical knowledge to express the design intention accurately, powerfully and clearly in fabric design.

    Fabric color visual psychological feeling people's emotion, will and closely related knowledge of color, at the same time and the observer would environment and social psychological and personality psychological characteristics of the subject, as a result, the observer of psychological quality, emotional response to the fabric color is different, even the same color, also may give different psychological reaction, put the fabric color has a very complicated psychological phenomenon and the emotion.

1.The Cold And Warm Of Color

   Visual color causes people to feel the psychological association of cold and warm, such as red, orange, yellow people think of blood, fire, the sun, is warm; Blue, blue people think of water, ice, the sky, is cold; Purple and green are in the neutral stage of neither cold nor warm. Among them, orange is considered the warmest and green the coldest. The color of the cold and warm, such as reflected in the brine. Warm color fabric has warm, warm feeling, while cool color fabric makes people feel cold. The temperature of the color will also be due to the change of brightness deviation. Orange in addition to dark light color is sexy, the rest is warm color.

   The bright color of yellow is warm, dark color shows medium sex appeal, and turbid color shows cold feeling. The bright color of yellow-green is warm, the bright color is sexy, the dark color is cold. In the green. The color of Ming and qing dynasties, turbidity color shows a sense of cold, medium and dark color shows a sense of personality. Cyan purple shows in addition to bright color outside sex appeal, the others show cold feeling. The color of the cold and warm, not only in the performance of the fixed hue, and often in contrast with other colors will produce a different trend of cold and warm. If bright red, rose-red belongs to warm color, but be in at the same time in contrast, bright red warm feeling enhancement, and rose-red slant cold.

   If orange is added at the same time contrast, not only attack red cold feeling strengthen, even bright red also had cold feeling, as Eaton said, the color of the cold and warm mainly because of color deviation caused by.

   The order in which each hue dominates the sensation of warmth and coloration is: red, orange, yellow, green, purple, black, blue, and white. Accordingly, when designing indoor colour, the sunshine that faces north is poor room appropriate uses warm color. The sunshine room that faces south should use cool color. The cool color in the cold drinking room, the warm color in the freezer and the cool color in the boiler room can improve the workers' temperature sensation during operation.

   The temperature of colorific is very important also in fabrics design, if the warm color underwear of winter makes the person feels warm, the cool color skirt of summer makes everybody feels cool fully.

2. The Excitement And Stillness Of Color

   Colour can give a person excited and quiet feeling, this kind of feeling often contains positive or negative mood.

   The excitement of the color feels with calm feeling and hue, lightness, purity have a relation, especially among them the influence with purity is the biggest. In terms of hue, red, orange, yellow and other warm colors make people think of struggle, blood and exciting. Blue, blue people think of calm lake, blue sky, so that people feel calm. Green and purple are medium. In brightness respect, 8 class above is neuter, 7 class below presents calm feeling, 9 class above presents excited feeling. The effect of purity is the most significant, purity level 8 is neutral, below level 6, the lower the chromaticity. The greater the sense of stillness. On the contrary, at purity level 10 or above, the higher the chromaticity, the stronger the excitement. In warm color department, bright and bright-coloured color presents excited feeling, dark and muddy color presents calm feeling.

3. The Brightness And Melancholy Of Color

   Lightness and purity are important factors that affect the brightness and melancholy of the color. Lightness is in 5 below show melancholy feeling, when 6 above, as lightness rise, become brighter gradually. In terms of purity, the purity is neutral at grade 6, and the low purity presents a sense of melancholy. With the improvement of the purity, it gradually becomes brighter, especially the pure color, which has the highest sense of lightness. Hue is opposite the influence of lively and melancholy feeling is not big, compare lively is purplish red, red, violet warm color fastens, those who show melancholy feeling is yellow, yellow green, green and cyan, and orange, cyan, cyan shows neuter. Even if it is the hue of melancholy feeling, want color only bright, also can give a person with lively feeling, in a word, bright and bright color presents lively feeling, dark and muddy color presents melancholy feeling.

4.The Gorgeous And Rustic Of Color

   Colour can give a person with rich and brilliant aesthetic feeling, also can give a person with plain sense. Color is rich, bright and bright color shows luxuriant feeling, pure, muddy and dark color shows plain feeling. In addition, the color of the gorgeous and plain and color contrast has a great relationship. General contrast strong sense of gorgeous, and weak contrast shows the plain sense. In the actual color matching, if the addition of gloss color, generally can obtain a gorgeous effect.

5. The Weight Of  Color

   The same object can differ because of colour and have sense of weight, this kind of feeling basically comes from the lightness of colour. The colour with high lightness makes the person has light sense, the colour with low lightness has heavy sense. In addition, white, light blue and sky blue, with blue sky, white clouds associated, it also has a light sense, and black people feel heavy.