The Difference Between Buckskin Velvet And Suede

- Mar 31, 2018-

The common features of Buckskin velvet and suede:

Can be used in bags, handbags, shoes, pillow, such as the use of cloth;

Different points of buckskin Velvet and suede:

is also the biggest difference, suede velvet is belong to the flocking, that is, on the basis of the net cloth through the flocking machine processing, the fluff planted on the net cloth, so that processing it has a uniform, velvet feeling full, in the light under the irradiation has similar to the effect of hair reflective, feel and look is very good, used in furniture and handbags The luggage above can obviously improve the grade! and suede, it belongs to the velvet, its fluff is from the fabric itself, put the cloth into the machine, through the grinding, pulling velvet, from its own fluff pull out, so as to ensure the firmness of the fluff, washable, not off the characteristics such as cashmere, so it is suitable for home textiles, pillow, pillow and so on products!