The Difference Between Fleece And Ordinary Fabric

- Aug 03, 2018-

It is a small Yuanbao knit structure, which is woven in a large circular machine. After weaving, the grey fabric is dyed first, and then processed by various complicated finishing processes such as napping, combing, shearing, and shaking. The fabric is roughed and the fluff is fluffy and dense. However, it is not easy to lose hair and pilling, the back side is thin and thin, the fluff is short, the texture of the tissue is clear, and the fluffy elasticity is excellent.

It is the first choice for nearly two domestic winters.

Now we are still developing a new variety of fleece. During the weaving process of the fleece, we can add spandex (up to 5%) and T/R fleece, but now this technology has not found that several factories can master it. Need further improvement.

Special treatment of fabrics, such as antistatic additives, anti-flame retardant additives, infrared additives, etc. For some special fleece, for example, the fabric is added with antistatic fibers during the weaving process, and the fleece with this fiber is still not much in the domestic market.

The fleece can also be combined with all fabrics to make the cold better. For example: fleece and fleece composite, fleece and denim composite, fleece and lambskin composite, fleece and mesh fabric combined with waterproof breathable membrane and so on.

In addition, the fleece is divided into plain and printed. The plain fleece can be divided into Drop-needle polar fleece, emboss polar fleece and jacquard fleece according to individual requirements. (jacquardpolarfleece) and so on. Printed fleece has more than 200 varieties of colors such as penetrating printing, rubber pad printing and transfer printing color strips according to the different printing materials. The fabrics are novel and unique, the colors are colorful, and the shape is natural and smooth, which is favored by people from all walks of life.

In terms of the price of fleece, the width of fleece in China is generally around 150CM, some are as wide as 230CM, and the weight is from 180 to 450g. The price should take into account the cost of raw materials, weaving, weaving, polishing, dyeing, and finishing. In terms of fabric prices, the cheapest price is also the Zhejiang market, but Jiangsu Changshu is also relatively cheap. Today's fleece fabrics are already in the popular fabric of low-grade, high-grade enjoyment.

What is the difference between compound fleece and double-sided fleece?

The composite fleece is processed by two kinds of the same quality or different fleece through the laminating machine.

Double-sided shake fleece is a fleece that is subjected to double-sided shake pilling.

The price is generally a relatively high level of compound fleece.

However, in general blankets, there are more compound fleece, but some customers need two pieces of the same quality of fleece to sew together, no need to compound, but the kind of washing is not very convenient. In addition, there are more fleece filaments that are generally used as blankets.

Fleece is very ashy, and it will stick with other clothes! How to avoid it?

The fleece will absorb the ash, probably because its own fiber has static electricity, and the static electricity has the function of sucking and floating to bring the dust to the fabric or clothes, but generally it will not stick together when it is mixed with other clothes. The things that stick together may be particles on the fleece. Avoiding it is impossible, because it has fiber about the fabric itself, but now experts have developed an additive, which is an anti-static additive. When the fabric is finished, adding this additive can reduce the fleece suction. Gray phenomenon.

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