The Difference Between Cashmere,alpaca Hair,and Mohair

- May 08, 2020-


    Cashmere comes from the fine undercoat of goats, which grow in the alpine grasslands of China, such as Inner Mongolia, xinjiang, qinghai and liaoning. China is a major producer of cashmere in the world. Its output of cashmere accounts for more than half of the world's total output, among which Inner Mongolia's cashmere is the top quality. Cashmere fiber is characterized by its fineness and softness. Its fabrics feel soft, slippery waxy, luster is soft, compared with the same thickness of wool fabric weight is much lighter, and for the suede style. Generally speaking, the light-colored cashmere coat is mostly from the white wool, the quality is better; And the dark color is mostly from purple or green velvet, inferior quality.

Alpaca hair

    Alpaca hair comes from an animal called alpaca (albacar), which is found mainly in the Peruvian andes. The andes mountains are 4,500 meters above sea level. The temperature difference between day and night is huge. At night, the temperature varies from -20 ℃ to -18 ℃, while during the day, the temperature varies from 15 ℃ to 18 ℃. Living in such harsh conditions, the alpaca's hair can certainly withstand extreme temperature changes. Alpaca hair not only moisturizes, but also effectively protects against solar radiation. Alpaca hair fibers contain microscopic cavities that can be seen, making them better at keeping warm than wool, cashmere, and mohair.

    In addition, alpaca hair fiber has more than 17 kinds of natural color: from white to black, and a series of different shades of brown, gray, is the most abundant natural color of special animal fiber. The albacar we see in the market is alpaca hair; And "suili" is a kind of alpaca hair and more refers to the adult alpaca hair, the fiber is longer, beautiful color; Often referred to as "beibei" for alpaca baby hair, relatively thin fiber, relatively soft. Alpaca wool fabrics feel smooth, excellent warmth.


    Mohair refers to the Angola goat hair, mainly produced in South Africa, its characteristics are thicker fiber, small curl, good luster. The mohair fabric feels smooth, and the surface is shiny. Mohair and alpaca wool fabric is as much short hair style.