The Features Of Microfiber Fabric

- Apr 17, 2020-

 The features of microfiber fabric

Superabsorbency: the filament is divided into eight segments by the technique of orange petal, which increases the surface area of the fiber and the pores in the fabric. Rapid absorption of water and rapid drying are its distinctive characteristics.

Strong decontamination: diameter of 0.4 m micro fiber fineness is only 1/10 silk, its special cross-section can more effectively capture small to a few microns of dust particles, decontamination, oil removal effect is very obvious.

No depilation: high strength synthetic fiber filament, not easy to break, at the same time the use of fine weaving method, not silk, not off the ring, fiber is not easy to fall off from the towel surface. Use it to make wipe towel, wipe car towel is especially suitable for wiping bright paint surface, electroplating surface, glass, instrument and LCD screen, etc., in the process of car film on the glass to do cleaning treatment, can achieve a very ideal film effect.

Long life: because of superfine fiber strength, toughness, so it is the service life of the ordinary towel service life more than 4 times, many times after washing still invariance, at the same time, not like cotton fiber macromolecule polymerization fiber protein hydrolysis, even if not dry after use, will not mildew, rot, has a long life.

Easy to clean: when ordinary towel is used, especially natural fiber towel, will be wiped the dust, grease, dirt and so on the surface will be directly absorbed into the fiber interior, after use residual in the fiber, not easy to remove, after using a long time will even become hard and lose elasticity, affect the use. And microfiber towel is to adsorb dirt in the fiber between (but not the fiber inside), plus fiber fineness is high, the density is large, so the adsorption ability is strong, after using only water or a little detergent to clean.

Non-fading: the dyeing process adopts tv-215 and other dyes for ultrafine fiber materials, whose indexes of slow dyeing, dye shifting, high temperature dispersion and achromatic properties all meet the strict standards of the export international market, especially its advantages of non-fading, so that it will not bring any trouble of decoloring pollution when cleaning the surface of goods.