The Four-sided Elastic Fabric

- Aug 14, 2018-

The four-sided elastic fabric is a fabric with a certain elasticity. It can adapt to the activities of the human body, it can be stretched and contracted, light and comfortable, and it can also maintain the beautiful appearance of the garment. The knees and elbows of the clothes are not deformed and bulged due to long wearing time. [1] 

Organizational structure

The spandex elastic yarn is usually used to impart a certain elasticity to the fabric, and the elastic fabric containing the spandex has a warp elastic force, a latitudinal elastic force, and a warp and weft bidirectional elastic force. The two-four-faced elastic cloth is both a warp and weft two-way elastic force, the general elastic elongation is 10%-15%, and the spandex content in the fabric is about 3%. [1] 

processing method

The four-sided project usually adopts a method of adding spandex elastic yarn to the fabric, and first twisting the yarn with the spandex-coated yarn to form a resilient yarn, and the twist must control the feeding length of the two. To control the size of the yarn elasticity. The elongation of the yarn and fabric is controlled during the manufacturing and finishing process to control the elasticity of the finished product.

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