The New Darling Of The Car Upholstery Suede

- Apr 03, 2018-

One of the important aspects of the car, comfortable, warm, romantic interior environment, so that our mood will also be enlightened, now more car enthusiasts to its modification, after the modification of the interior, reflecting the incomparable, unique car. Are you also enchanted?

For the car interior modification, from the seat, steering wheel cover, seat cover and so on several aspects, after the modified style on the one hand according to your preferences, on the other hand also to refer to the overall Harmony degree. Combined to create the most suitable, the most current effect.

First of all, if you can personally grasp the integrity of the car and the combination of skills, can be modified, the effect is certainly the most we want, on the contrary, it is best to suggest you go to a professional place, to tell them your needs, in their recommendations for modification.

In addition, the interior modified style varies from person to person, the young lady modified the effect is mostly sweet, comfortable, neat, the young men after the conversion of the car will be full of energy, more is the style of the sun, the professional person of the car after the installation to be as far as possible with their work, professional temperament, And in the success of the people they have the device is to give a stable, generous form of the show. Different personalities, the interior of the modified style will be different. Here, suggest you, as far as possible after the modification of comfort is the most should be considered, after all, refitting or to practical, not just for the appearance looks different.

Interior modification combined with car interior space size. Do not provision a lot of products and make the final effect of the car is not good, looks very crowded feeling, the effect of the modified must be clean, neat.

Modified object owners friends decide, but here to remind you, do not arbitrarily modified small parts, lest because you do not understand the wrong operation and ultimately lead to the problem of security problems, in that case, it does not outweigh the damage, the invisible is also damaged the car.

Interior modification also need to combine your purse oh, if the whole set down, the price is also expensive Ah, here, we recommend that you properly modified, do not waste every penny, do not spoil every piece of equipment.

After modification must be convenient for your future use of maintenance, to facilitate your future cleaning this is very important oh, do not modify the effect is good, after the care cause trouble.

Some friends like to buy cars in the car jewelry, but please remember, must not hinder the driver's safe driving or the safety of the crew, do not affect the line of sight and so on.

The current modification of the commonly used materials are leather and flannel.

The dermis is the more common modification material but it has the following two points insufficient:

Two of the leather seats are inadequate.

1. The surface is easily damaged. Sharp is the real leather nemesis, once the knife, scissors, needles and so on, the dermis will leave footprints. In comparison, Velvet will not be so fragile. and patching up, the cost of flannel is far less than the real leather. Of course, more importantly, the dermis than velvet more prone to aging phenomenon, so the leather seats need to be carefully protected.

2. Sit feeling too slippery. The owner may use a seat belt or a cushion to deal with the problem. In fact, the manufacturers have to deal with this problem, the leather surface of the fold treatment to increase the friction coefficient.

Our new suede, however, is a good hedge against these drawbacks.

On the contrary, because of the fabric of the reasons, will not be aging with the time each side of the cost of bread is lower, the effect is better than the real leather.