The Price Of Printing And Dyeing Companies Rises

- Mar 24, 2018-

According to a comprehensive report by the China Securities Network, under the influence of cost pressure and the industry's peak season, the increase in the cost of dyeing has swept all major printing and dyeing areas in the country. According to the latest news, since the prices of printing and dyeing plants in Fujian Changle, Shishi and Nantong have been openly raised, the printing and dyeing factories in Foshan, Shunde and Sanshui recently announced a uniform price increase of 1,000 yuan per ton. Since then, the tide of price hikes in the national printing and dyeing industry has been fully covered.

In the letter of price increase of many enterprises, various cost factors have become the trigger for rising dyeing costs.

Compared with last year, the pressure faced by printing and dyeing enterprises this year has only increased. Taking dyestuffs as an important raw material dyestuff for example, since 2018, due to rising prices of intermediates, lower dye stocks, and rising environmental costs, Zhejiang Longsheng, Bauxite shares and Jihua Group's domestic leading dye companies have repeatedly Price increase. Again, such as disperse dyes, since March 1st, the conventional dispersion black raised by 5,000 yuan / ton, listing price reached 50,000 yuan / ton, which is the highest price of scattered black two years, compared with the same period last year 28,000 yuan / ton rose 78.57 %; The latest quotations of the remaining disperse dyes also rose by about 10% from the previous month.

It is worth mentioning that all the major printing and dyeing areas in China that have risen up are also related to the current industry peak season. It is understood that in the printing and dyeing centers of Zhejiang Xiaoshan, Shaoxing and other places, due to the arrival of the traditional peak season, the number of printing and dyeing plants gradually increased, some of the dyeing plants have appeared in the situation of gray fabric explosion. Shaoxing, a dyeing factory salesman introduced that the peak season has arrived, the dyeing plant has opened more cylinders, the sewage volume has become larger, and it will be seized by environmental protection. Limited production capacity also caused some dyeing factories in Shaoxing to suspend orders.

People from the above-mentioned dyeing factories in Shaoxing think that printing and dyeing companies dare to increase their dyeing fees. In addition to the increase in environmental protection, dyes, and other costs, the current particularly active market is one of the reasons. We have plenty of orders in the busy season, passing on some cost pressures and customers can accept and understand them. In the printing and dyeing industry, the peak season increases, and the down season adjustment is also a normal market behavior.