The Process To Make The Lab-dips

- Dec 29, 2020-

First, choose the dyes for matching colors.

Second, it is best to use an automated material system for materialization (more accurate).

Third, it is better to weigh the fabric with a 0.0001 electronic balance, and use the color measurement system to determine the sample formula.

Fourth, pipetting the dye solution can be done with a drip system (dye solution, water, and additives are completed together).

Fifth, the dyeing cup is well covered (not leaking), so that the sealing is good.

Sixth, the dyeing process must be completed according to the specified process, especially the dyeing conditions must be consistent.

Seventh, the post-dyeing process should be handled properly, with the same technique.

Eighth, color matching must be performed under a standard light box in a dark room (the light source is the same). Ninth, reasonably determine the next proofing formula.