The Situation Of Fabric Market

- Jul 06, 2020-

    The sharp rise in raw materials, the continued decline in the price of grey cloths, the contradiction between the two has deepened, and the weaving market is once again in a dilemma. Prior to this, there were several notices in the textile circle that enterprises stopped production and reduced production. I thought a new round of production shutdown was coming. However, through the feedback of many cloth bosses in Jiangsu and Zhejiang, there were not many companies taking long holidays on Dragon Boat Festival. Most of them were only 2-3 days of regular holidays, and there was no long-term production cut or shutdown.

In other words, enterprises in the Jiangsu and Zhejiang textile markets are still insisting on production. The reason why Boss insists on production, in addition to taking into account some details of production, is actually more important is their enthusiasm and confidence in production.

01 .Real foreign trade orders were issued one after another, and domestic sales remained stable

Let's first look at the orders received by fabric manufacturers. At present, there is little sign of weak orders from downstream traders, and the recovery of foreign trade has further improved. As foreign trade is just at the stage of recovery, foreign demand for clothing has also been on track.

In terms of domestic sales, new orders are constantly being placed. Although there are no hot-selling products in the market, conventional products are being sold. This year is a special year, the production plan has been disrupted, so the order does not necessarily follow the previous production and sales season, the traditional off-season may not be light.

02.Some printing and dyeing factories have a high operating rate, which is a bit busy

Looking at the printing and dyeing factory again, it is said that the printing and dyeing market can best reflect the entire market. The market conditions of printing and dyeing factories have been relatively stable recently, and there has been no major ups and downs. At present, the operation rate of printing and dyeing factories in Wujiang area is maintained at about 60%, which is at a medium level and can maintain normal operation. There are also some printing and dyeing factories that are better at taking orders and are more busy.

03.After finishing factory orders increase, bronzing is more prominent

The situation of other post-organization enterprises has also improved to a certain extent. The fabrics produced at this stage are mainly autumn and winter clothing, so most of them require post-finishing links, such as coating and calendering, which are commonly used for down jacket fabrics. Therefore, these two types of manufacturers naturally have changed in single quantities.

Various indications indicate that the current market has not entered the off-season as expected, but remains stable and showing signs that it may be better at a later stage. The boss of cloth also sees this. Even though the current inventory of grey cloths is high, he still hopes, and he is not willing to easily reduce production. This year is a special year, and the judgment of the market outlook will be more difficult. Perhaps the next wave of market prices is coming, and it is also possible. No matter what, confidence cannot be lost!