To Cool Handsomely Suede Open Winter Clothing Journey

- Jun 09, 2018-

In addition to woolen and down jackets, how many possibilities are there in the winter? Remember to try suede, it will definitely give you a different feeling. Smart and handsome, but also to ensure warmth, the winter journey has been opened, full of suede single product how can you miss it?

要潇洒要帅气 麂皮绒开启冬装旅程

01 Lengthened suede windbreaker can control this length is not the average person, then the gas field can naturally superimposed new heights. The blue-tempered temperament is no longer the freshness of the college style, but the strong confidence of a strong woman, without clear lines, she can still be confident.

02 The cooperation of pink and suede is not necessarily perfect, but it is at least visually appealing. The unique texture of suede balances the sweetness of the color, while the fresh color remedies the personality of the material, even if it can not be said to complement each other can also be considered to complement each other.

03 The biggest promise for suede in the winter is warmth, which is a unique combination of fur. Since the thickening must be bloated, but the traces of splicing can be made clear, it can make bloated a fashionable. If you don't care about it, it becomes a good winter scenery.

04 The locomotive-style cut is about the similarity between the suede and the PU, so simply try new visual effects. Although it is thick and velvet, it will not appear bloated because of the excellent participation of lines. Short paragraphs are more suitable for matching umbrella skirts, which also increases the flexibility.

05 The color of suede is more and more, so don't worry about your favorite color can not be displayed. Look at the blue play to know that everything is possible. There is no sensation of fall and winter in the autumn and winter, bright and light, it is like the feeling of spring, the most important thing is to maintain the sense of free and easy suede.

06 Lambskin stitching increases the visual effect of suede padded and velvet, and the color selection is low-key and pleasing brown color. Seems to want to use this mellow state to impress the difference between thick and thin. Common lapel design, unusual color stitching, brown pleated skirts seem to be very satisfied with this mix.

07 No matter how unique the color is, there is no black domineering, not to mention locomotive-style style, which will continue to strengthen the unique feeling. The material of suede and velvet is different because the depth of color is also different, but this does not affect the handsome and handsome display.

08 Let suede tell you how to print it looks good. This is a Bohemian style of self-confidence, the colors may not be so bright, but the way it is used makes people shine. The white background makes people see the patience of the winter and wait for you to prepare everything to welcome the snow.

09 Thicker and longer, you see, there is always a way to lock the warmth of suede. Grey, double-breasted, large lapels, large pockets, elements that are usually visible, and low-key introverts due to different materials. Even if this is not covered, the suede can not be handsome and free and easy.

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