Chinese Clothing Should Be Tore Down A Cheap Label

- Mar 09, 2018-

  Why chinese young people would like to pay much for the famous brand, rather pay cheap price for china brand, that is because of the different brand.

How do Chinese clothing break through? To tear down the "cheap labels" of Chinese clothing, Shandong Ruyi Holdings Group chairman of the board of directors Qiu yafu said, "our strategy is to let you first become me and let you recognize me, so as to enhance Chinese people's recognition of Chinese brands. Now Italy, Britain, France, Japan, the top four high-end brands of fashion, such as the purchase of 1/3. " He said the group, such as Italian holdings, is integrating global resources and invites the best designers in the world to "use it for my own use".

The second strategy is to improve the level of research and development, and support the brand by technology. "We hope that the baby is born can be used than the mask is also comfortable diaper, but for a long time, we can't make the fiber! Today, we have been upgrading new technologies, introducing the most modern and advanced technology, developing high-tech and high-performance fibers, and the most comfortable fabric has been able to supply from the "willing". In Qiu Yafu's view, it is to improve the R & D level of its own brand with the help of international brands. "All of my things, from cotton, fiber to spinning, are the world's leading technology, a brand of scientific and technological support." He said.