- Aug 23, 2018-

The weaving process is roughly divided into three parts: velvet, jacquard and cut pile.

Use a pile looms. The weaving machine is also divided into three parts: a cashmere car, a jacquard car and a velvet car. When weaving, we must have at least two people, one person woven, one person must board a jacquard on a 2 meter high jacquard, weaving 1 meter. The production process is very complicated and meticulous: firstly, a set of round steel wires or flat metal rods with grooves are used as the pile rods, and then the piles and the ground are arranged in a 2:1 ratio, and the weft ratio of the ground weft to the pile is 4:1 or 3:1, that is, a pile bar is put in after each weaving of 4 or 3 latitudes. When each of the piles is inlaid, all the piles or single and double piles are lifted to form a loop. Each woven fabric is about 10 meters long, and then it is taken off from the loom and placed on the platen to extract the pile rod, and the pile is formed into a loop-like loop. Flower velvet is to remove the woven whole fabric from the loom and put it on the platen. First, print the pattern on the surface of the fabric with white powder, and then use the hard steel knife to put the loops on the pattern. The scraping place (called the engraving) forms a thick and dense pile pattern, and then the napped rod is taken out, and the unscratched portion remains in a loop shape to form a uniform tight loop texture. The fluff and the loops are set off against each other to form a flower velvet with distinct flowers.

Today, velvet has become more popular and used more and more widely. Some furniture items are also velvet fabrics, such as pillows, mattresses, sheets, etc., but the price will be more expensive.

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