Vietnam Saigon Textile And Garment Industry Exhibition 2018

- Apr 11, 2018-

From2018.4.11-2018.4.14 We participated in the annual 2018 Saigon textile and garment industry exhibition in Vietnam

Range of exhibition

☆ Textile fabric accessories

Fibers, monofilaments, and raw materials: cellulose and finished products, rayon, cotton wool, castor, flax, nylon, polyester, etc.

Fabrics: Fabrics (woven/knitted), functional fabrics, consumer fabrics, industrial fabrics, dyed fabrics, leather, PUs, etc.

Accessories: belt buckles, hardware accessories, artificial diamond accessories, ribbon badges, tag buttons, rubber trim, buttons, zippers, beads, lace, shoulder pads and so on.

If you are in Vietnam, if you are interested, we very much welcome you to visit our booth.