Warp-knitted Sofa Fabric And Main Features

- Jul 21, 2018-

Warp-knitted sofa fabrics and main features have been developed so far, and there are many fabrics used to make sofas. Sofa fabrics include woven fabrics and knitted fabrics. Statistics show that knitted fabrics account for more than half. Among knitted fabrics, warp knitted fabrics account for about 1/3 of knitted fabrics. No matter what fabric-covered sofa, fabric or as the main covering fabric, or as a decorative material with the effect of "icing on the cake", it has an indispensable importance.

Main features of warp-knitted sofa fabric:

Warp-knitted sofa fabrics are mainly velvet-like, classified according to the way of raising, including brushed fabrics, sheared fabrics, split fabrics, and fleece and cut pile fabrics. The type that best highlights the high speed characteristics of warp knitting is the product that is woven and then brushed on a high speed tricot warp knitting machine.

Brushed fabric is one of the main products of the Tricot warp knitting machine. It is mainly produced on the Tricot warp knitting machine with the machine number E28 and E32. It is usually woven with 2~4 combs. Usually the pile yarn is arranged on the front comb to make a longer needle back traverse. In the finishing, the pile yarn floating on the reverse surface of the fabric process is pulled up or broken to form a pile effect by a carding machine. The warp-knitted fabric has soft fluff, soft luster and comfortable hand. The common varieties are super soft, super soft, suede and so on.

As a sofa fabric, in addition to meeting some physical performance requirements, there must be a certain decorative effect, and the warp-knitted sofa fabrics, except for some fabrics with jacquard weaving, are mostly flat flannel, so the finishing process It is especially important. The commonly used methods of warp-knitted sofa fabrics are printing, embossing, bronzing, burnt-out, flocking, brushing, ironing, and wrinkling to form a certain texture effect and bump effect. The fabric facing the traditional market is flocked sofa fabric. And printed sofa fabric.

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