Warp Knitted Suede And Weft Knitted Suede How To Distinguish?

- May 29, 2018-

Flat looms are made with weft suede, warp knitting machines are warp suede, warp knitting machines and weaving machines are totally different machines. Weft knitted suede and warp knitted suede are all Knitted fabrics, weft fabric suede is a textile fabric. Warp knitted suede plus spandex and weft suede suede is the distinction; weft knitted suede pulling a silk can pull out, warp knitting is Can't pull it out, weft knitted suede is generally not spandex

1. Warp knitting machine is a kind of knitting machine. The machine is in a flat state and is generally cloth with a flat width.

2. Spandex fabric can be added spandex, so that the fabric is flexible. Weft knitting machines are only one type of knitting machine, and non-professionals are more difficult to distinguish.

3. Knitted fabrics have a certain degree of elasticity compared to other fabrics. The elastic physical index after the addition of spandex is better, and the specific elasticity index is controlled in accordance with the requirements of customers.

4. The non-spandex warp-knitted fabrics have elasticity derived from the structure of the knitted fabrics and the elasticity of the raw materials, and the post-processing technology of the fabrics.

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