What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Velvet Fabrics?

- Jun 25, 2018-

What are the advantages and disadvantages of velvet fabrics?

1. The velvet has excellent biocompatibility with the human body. In addition to its smooth surface, its friction coefficient to the human body is second only to silk. Therefore, when our delicate skin is smooth and delicate with silk, it is with its unique supple texture, and cares for every inch of our skin in accordance with the curve of the human body.

2. Velvet is widely used in apparel fabrics, has excellent wrinkle resistance, elasticity and dimensional stability, good insulation properties, use is very wide, suitable for clothing for men, women and children.

3, velvet fabrics have many excellent, shade, light, ventilation, heat insulation, UV protection, fire prevention, moisture, easy to clean, etc., is a very good fabric, used in apparel manufacturing is very popular with modern people welcome.

First, it is easy to lose hair and pill. Divided into ready-to-wear clothes before washing, lint/pill after washing. The following three maps. There are two reasons for the formation of 1. Velvet fabric production process needs to cut off the yarn, the formation of short hair, there is indeed a slag slag, but a good fabric, the finishing process will be handled clean, so only the residue slag fabric before dregs slag 2 After washing, or after rubbing, lint/pilling occurs because the short hair and the fabric floor are not tight enough. Buying measures: After receiving the goods, forcefully shake it three times to see if it is fluffy, then grab the clothes with both hands and forcefully poke it 10 times, and turn it over to see if it's fluffy. This stage of hair loss / pilling, return or claim it.

two. Wash off the color. There are two possible reasons: 1. The use of bad dyes, dye and fabric binding force is not enough 2. Velvet fabric post-processing is not good, continuous hair loss. After purchasing the clothes, grab the clothes, and soak the sleeves in the washbasin. Rub it vigorously ten times. If there is a fade, dry it, return it or claim it.

Third, the sewing deformation. Caused by the formation of velvet fabric is relatively smooth, poor control when sewing, so there is no alignment. Countermeasures: After receiving the clothes, try to tile the clothes and check the front and back stitching positions. If you are not flat/smooth, return it.

Fourth, bone slippage. It is under the action of the external force, the fabric moves to the sides along the suture, showing a gap. Wearing for a long time is prone to cracking, deformation, etc. A lot of bad clothes are distorted for a while and it's ugly. This is the reason. The problem of fabrics is hidden. Most people don't care, and it's not easy to find out. Reasons for the formation: 1. The velvet fabric floor is not dense enough, resulting in the tightness of the warp and weft yarns. 2. No proper structural improvement was used during production. Purchase strategy 1. Select velvet 0.2 with high cotton content. Select the use of separate seams, the structure of the suture to strengthen the open line 0.3. After getting the clothes, grasp the fabrics on both sides of the sutures and pull them on both sides. If gaps are likely to occur, return them.



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