What Are The Benefits Of Faux Suede

- May 31, 2018-

Suede is a type of unfinished leather that is taken from the inside of the animal hide. It is a very durable material but it can be tough to clean. Faux suede is fabric that resembles natural suede leather. This fabric is not as durable as suede but it offers several benefits. Faux suede fabric is available at fabric or craft stores.


Because real suede is animal hide, it is much more expensive than man-made faux suede. Some types of faux suede are high quality and cost more than low quality faux suede, but the fabric will generally not be as expensive as real suede.


One common complaint about suede is that it it tough to clean. This is because all suede is sensitive to water or water-based cleaner, so you cannot get it wet or clean it with simple soap-and-water solutions Some types of faux suede are manufactured so that you can clean them with water and water-based cleaning solutions. This allows you to use many spot-cleaning solutions that are readily available.

Stain Repellent

Man-made faux suede is a tightly woven fabric. It is so tightly woven that it repels stains easily. A staining substance will simply sit on the surface of the fabric and will not soak into the fabric as easily as it would in a less tightly woven material. This makes faux suede fabric ideal for upholstery, as the furniture looks better for longer.


Some people like the smell of genuine suede leather. This smell, however, is not desirable by others who find it is too strong and that it ruins their experience on their couch. Faux suede does not have that rich, animal smell.

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