What Is Fleece

- Jul 28, 2018-

Let's talk about traditional fleece. According to the industry, fleece originated in Taiwan in the 1990s. In order to improve some of the properties of fabrics, a special knitted fabric was made by mistake. The surface of the fluff has a cluster of styles. Customers are fancy and slowly become popular. Because of one of the shaker processes, some fabric purchasing managers also call it anti-pilling fleece.

The traditional fleece is made of a full polyester fabric, which is woven in a circular terry machine of a knitting circular machine. Now has developed a lot of varieties.

The most basic fleece is a weaving of a circular wrap circular knitting machine. (In the area of Fujian and Guangzhou, most of them are called anti-covers, need to be distinguished)

There are ground yarn and terry yarn. Generally, the yarn is polyester DTY or FDY, and the terry is polyester staple fiber or long fiber. The height of the loop is controlled by a circular machine weave (raw crepe). Generally 1MM-35MM, more than 35MM are mostly thick needle terry machine.

Looking at the current level of fleece production in China, the quality of fleece in Jiangsu is relatively good, and the price of fleece in Zhejiang is relatively good.

In addition, the fleece is divided into plain and printed. The plain fleece can be divided into Drop-needle polar fleece and emboss polar fleece according to individual requirements. Jacquard polar fleece and so on. Printed fleece has more than 200 varieties of colors such as penetrating printing, rubber pad printing and transfer printing color strips according to the different printing materials. The fabrics are novel and unique, the colors are colorful, and the shape is natural and smooth, which is favored by people from all walks of life.

In general, the price of fleece is lower than the price of the fabric. Nowadays, many clothes and scarves are made directly from the polyester 150D96F fleece. Generally, the quality requirements of the fleece inside the garment are not too high.

In terms of the price of fleece, the width of fleece in China is generally around 150CM, some are as wide as 230CM, and the weight is from 180 to 450g. The price should take into account the cost of raw materials, weaving, weaving, polishing, dyeing, and finishing. In terms of fabric prices, the cheapest price is also the Zhejiang market, but Jiangsu Changshu is also relatively cheap. Today's fleece fabrics are already in the popular fabric of low-grade, high-grade enjoyment.

The composite fleece is processed by two kinds of the same quality or different fleece through the laminating machine. Double-sided shake fleece is a fleece that is subjected to double-sided shake pilling. The price is generally a relatively high level of compound fleece. However, for general blankets, there are more composite fleece, but some customers need two pieces of the same quality of fleece to sew together, no need to compound, but that kind of washing is not very convenient. In addition, there are more fleece filaments that are generally used as blankets.

To find the right fabric, first make clear which one it is used for. For example: making blankets, clothes, etc. This requires the general situation of each customer's needs, the majority of the long-fiber fleece of the blanket. Short fiber fleece is slightly more expensive than long fiber fleece. Short-staple fleece is generally woven from 32S polyester yarn, and its English (100% polyester spun polar fleece) is also known as short-staple fleece. Long-fiber fleece is generally woven from polyester filaments and may be woven with polyester 150D96F, 150D48F, 150D144F, 150D288F, 75D72F, 75D144F, 100D144F, 100D288F, and the like. Its English expression (100% polyester filament polar fleece), in general, the higher the F value, the fabric feels better, the higher the price of the fleece. For example, 100D144F, 150D144F and other fleece have belonged to ultrafine fleece. Long-fiber fleece can be divided into low-elastic fleece (DTY) and filament (FDY). Their English expression is (100% polyester Micro-polar fleece). In terms of origin, the quality is higher in Kunshan, Changzhou and Jiangyin in Shanghai and Jiangsu.

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