What Is Hign-count Cotton

- Apr 29, 2020-

    High-count cotton represents the fineness of cotton yarn. The higher the count of cotton yarn, the finer the yarn, the better the quality of cotton required, and the more expensive the price. It is generally considered that more than 40 yarns count as a yarn of higher count. So high-count cotton both pure cotton and non-pure cotton, anti-static is better, only special materials are completely anti-static.

    High count cotton is all cotton quality ground, do not have terylene cotton,nor chemical fiber generally for 30,40,60. For example, 30 sticks of 78*65 means that the longitude and latitude density of 1 square centimeter is 143(78+65). The 40 branches of 110*90 represent a density of 200(110+90). High grade bedding like the quilt cover of wool , duvet in general use is 40 133*72 fabrics to prevent drill wool to run down.

    Shirts made of high-count cotton fabric are comfortable, soft, sweat-absorbing, easily wrinkled, deformed, dyed or colored, high quality shirt at least should be cotton. As a person who really knows how to dress, you should know how to estimate what cotton fabric is really good.

    The emphasis of good fabrics lies in wearing life, washing life, visual inspection, wearing skin feeling and other characteristics, count this index can only have an impact on the characteristics of raw materials , and what affect raw material characteristic still has a variety of index such as stock number, gram weight, measure the quality of fabrics with count alone as main parameter is the practice that confuses public opinion.