What Is Suede Material?

- Mar 30, 2018-

Suede fabric has a lot of performance and no less than natural suede, there are many properties even superior to natural suede, such as its fabric wool feeling soft, waxy, drape good, texture and frivolous. The surface feels like leather, but not the skin is cloth. It is now very popular with this kind of fabric of small skirts, shorts, vests.

Suede has both natural and man-made types, which are referred to as artificial suede. Suede fabric is the use of special textile raw materials, and with special dyeing and finishing process with a special style of textile fabrics, is currently the domestic market is one of the more popular high-grade fabrics. Imitation suede feel and appearance are quite like natural suede, its surface texture is similar to natural suede, after a special finishing, fine and smooth, soft and plump, more durable than natural suede, but also easier to maintain. It is widely used in modern fashion, shoes, toys and furniture decoration, is a novel decorative materials. Suede from the new raw materials superfine fiber as the leading raw materials, after reducing (grinding) process, not only has soft, drape, stability (not because of cleaning and contraction or elongation), but also has a good air permeability, pest control, anti-corrosion.