What Is Suede Fabric? Imitation Suede Fabric Picture

- Jun 26, 2018-

What is suede fabric? Suede fabrics in the textile industry, can be generally used to refer to the general refers to suede fabrics. It includes warp knitted suede, radial suede, zonal suede and weft knitted suede.

Imitation suede fabric (English name suedette) in the textile industry to imitation suede-style fabric called suede or imitation suede. However, in the textile industry, it is generally accustomed to sued suede or imitation suede directly called suede. Suede is divided into knitted and woven. Knitted suede is divided into warp suede (more common) and weft-knitted suede. The woven suede is divided into suede and zonal suede.

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