What Is The Difference Between Velvet And Velvet

- Feb 13, 2020-

What is the difference between velvet and velvet

Velvet fabric is a kind of velvet weft knitted fabric. One side of the fabric is covered by upright fibers or yarns. The down is fine and soft to the touch. It is similar to the velvet velvet. Therefore, it is called velvet. There are two types of pattern, which are divided into front carving (Luo Dirong flower) and reverse carving (Ruo Di Luo flower). The organization can be plain weave and weft cut pile. Silky and breathable. There are cotton and chemical fiber. The warp and weft of gold velvet are made of raw silk without weaving. The plain weave is used as the ground and the rayon surface is made of rayon. The warp is consolidated in a "W" shape and floats on the surface of the fabric. The resulting fleece looks like a regular warp-satin fabric. Use a velvet cutter to cut the warp threads on the surface of the fabric to make each velvet warp horizontally, and then process it by scouring, dyeing, and brushing to form a product. The density and height of gold velvet fluff depends on the denier, density, floating length of the warp and the arrangement ratio of the warp and the ground. The silk velvet fabric is made of yarn containing silk fibers as a weaving thread into a grey fabric, which is characterized in that a part of the silk fibers constituting the yarn is piled into velvet on the surface of the grey fabric. It flocks some silk fibers on the yarn directly on the grey cloth to become velvet