What Is The Fabric Of Dense Velvet

- Aug 24, 2018-

What fabric is dense velvet?

The dense velvet is an extension of the velvet. The velvet has a strong hair feel, and the hair is a little vertical, like a brush.

The velvet is divided into polyester, nylon and nylon. The density is generally between 172T and 250T. The specifications are: 70*160, 70*250, 70*320, 70*160*3, etc., slightly cotton texture. For use in casual fabrics, jackets, jackets, etc.

The dense velvet is mainly divided into polyester, all nylon, the density is generally above 230T, the specifications are: 40*90, 70*90, 50*95, 50*120, 75*95, 75*120, etc., slightly cotton texture The use is also for casual fabrics, jackets, jackets, etc. Simply put, dense velvet is encrypted velvet, but it will be thinner and denser.


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