What Is The Fabric Of Suede

- Jan 19, 2019-

Suede is a fabric made from suede.

But the suede is not all made of real animal velvet, there are natural and artificial points. The methods of artificial suede are woven, knitted, non-woven, and the like. In the current cloth market, suede is mostly referred to as all kinds of faux leather, such as denim denim, leather, warp, velvet, velvet, double-sided imitation leather. Cashmere, elastic faux leather and so on. Therefore, we must look clearly when we want to buy real natural suede, pay attention to distinguish.

Advantages of suede fabric:

High grade and taste

The suede has a soft, smooth texture, a light texture and a good touch, which looks much higher than other common fabrics.

Unique style

The surface of the suede fabric is full and delicate, because the surface of the fiber is very slender, forming a multi-layer structure, the reflective point is small, shiny, and the color is soft. The slender fiber bending stiffness (refers to the ability of the object to resist its bending deformation) is small, highlighting the feeling of flowing and chic.


Since the surface fibers are fine, the voids are dense and dense, giving the fabric better water absorption and oil absorption. The microporous structure between the fabrics allows for more static air in the fabric, so that better insulation and warmth can be obtained.

Waterproof and vapor permeability performance is remarkable

The diameter of the raindrops is generally between 100 and 200 μm, while the water vapor of the human body is about 0.1 μm. As long as the shrinkage rate is controlled and the fiber gap is changed, a sea-island high-density fabric having a gap of only 0.2 to 10 μm can be woven, thus imparting excellent waterproof and vapor permeability properties to the fabric.

Strong decontamination ability

Since the specific surface area of the fine fibers is large, the voids are dense and dense, giving the fabric an extremely strong cleaning action. Cleaning products made from suede fabric are soft and never scratch the items being cleaned.

Disadvantages of suede fabric:

Not dirty

Suede is wear-resistant, but it is not resistant to dirt, it will be dirty if it is not noticed, and after it is soiled, the suede will look ugly.

Clean complex

The cleaning steps of suede are quite complicated. They are not free to put in the washing machine like other fabrics. They need to be cleaned by hand. Professional cleaning products should also be used for cleaning.

Poor water resistance

Suede is easy to deform, wrinkle, and even shrink after washing. Therefore, it is best to avoid large areas of water. When cleaning, use a washing solvent such as tetrachloroethylene.

High price

Obviously, natural suede is much more expensive than ordinary fabrics, even if it is imitation suede is not cheap.

Natural suede is made of suede, but the real natural suede on the market is still very few, mostly imitation, but the imitation suede is also very good. Most of the clothes made of suede have a retro feel, beautiful and unique, and other items made are also very durable. Friends who want to know the suede are hurry to check it out.

How to clean the suede:

If the suede is ash or oily, wipe off the surface with a dry cloth, then wipe the surface with a soft cloth. (Be careful not to use too much force, it should be wiped gently (if it can't be wiped off) Try high-grade shoe powder, which is small in size.) Then use a special rubber brush to straighten the hair on the suede in one direction, because the hair of the suede will only make the whole skin even when facing in the same direction. Uniform color. Finally, the suede retreading agent can be used once or twice a week (in the case of wearing a coat every day). After the above treatment, the retreading agent is evenly sprayed on the suede to dry for one night. The next day Can be worn.