What Is The Maintenance Method Of Frosted Leather And Suede

- Jan 04, 2020-

What is the maintenance method of frosted leather and suede

First step / cleanup indicates dust

First you need this thing

This product is called suede (anti-fur) finishing brush.

The soft raw rubber bristles on it can restore the fine fluff on the surface of any leather or matte leather product. When the shoes are dirty, as long as you use it to brush a large area back and forth, a lot of dust on the surface will be brushed off.

Step 2 / Clean up the deep dirt

There are two ways to deal with deep dirt. Let's start with the tools used in the first way.

This set of tools includes a cleaning stick and a nylon bristle brush, which safely remove dry scale and stains on matte and suede surfaces.

First, we use a cleaning stick to wipe the dry dirt

Then use a nylon brush to wipe the flakes, which can easily make the upper clean.

So, the second method is swollen ~ let's upgrade the tool

Scrub / suede cleaners remove stubborn dirt including salt, grass, mud, and jams, and the rich foam provides better cleaning.

First, spray cleaner on the upper

Swipe back and forth with a nylon brush until the foam completely disappears

Even more amazing is that the cleaning agent can not only clean the shoe uppers, but also the white rubber edge stains can be solved, you can easily use a cleaning stick.

Let's take a look at the contrast effect before and after cleaning

Step Three / Daily Preventive Maintenance

Although cleaning is important, but daily preventive maintenance is the best way to maintain it.

You need this thing

It can provide waterproof and antifouling for shoes and fabrics such as frosted leather / suede without affecting the breathability of the fabric.

Some children's shoes asked, how often is this thing used? After reading this little experiment, you made it

When water is poured on the shoe surface, and no bead-like water droplets can be formed to slide off automatically, it is time to use a multifunctional protective agent ~



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