What Is Velour Used For Today

- Dec 04, 2018-

We know it’s delightfully soft and impossible not to touch, but what is velour actually used for? Although this infamous fabric did have it’s place in fashion a few decades ago, because it’s generally known as the cheaper imitation, most fashion designers favour velvet in modern fashion. Velvet itself has been in and out of fashion more times than we can count, but never fails to make a striking comeback.

Velour is generally known as a ‘comfy’ fabric, meaning it’s used for all things cosy and super soft casual-wear – pyjamas, tracksuits, slippers, leggings and dressing gowns. For the optimum lounge-wear, you can’t go wrong with this silky smooth textile. Velour still tends to be favoured in home ware where it will endure more wear and tear, and so a cheaper fabric is often preferred over pure silk velvet.