What Is Weft Knitted Suede?

- May 28, 2018-

It is born with the new trend of clothing, and it is one of the more popular high-end fabrics.

The product mainly uses 105D Island silk +40D spandex as raw material, its composition and content are 90% polyester, 10% spandex. The satin twill weave is made on a big round machine. It has the characteristics of light texture, good drape, bright color and good elasticity. The conventional width is 150cm and the grammage is 160g/m2.

It is an ideal and fashionable fabric for men's and women's trousers and fashion, suits and casual wear. After being fitted into the upper body, it is both beautiful and elegant.

Why “weft-knitted suede” is a major highlight of current suede fabrics, mainly suede novel and lively, to meet the needs of the modern unconventional clothing; followed by elastic fabrics, suitable for people of different body types to enjoy. Weft-knitted suede is an emerging product that can be subdivided into two types: ordinary weft-knit suede and four-faced bomber suede.


Four sides of bomber suede, good elasticity, very suitable for women.

In recent years, many popular stretch women's leggings have been made from this fabric. They can also be used in shoes, hats, home textiles, toys, and handicrafts.

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