Which Fabrics Are Not Suitable For Machine Washing?

- Apr 16, 2020-

    Which fabrics are not suitable for machine washing? For people who do not know the details of washing machines, the clothes washed out of the clothes are easy to take off the line and discoloration and other phenomena. So how do you tell if your clothes are machine washable? One of the most simple way is to see the clothing label, not machine wash clothes will have detailed instructions. Of course there is no direct relationship between machine washing and price per se. Right? It is necessary to judge according to the material and fabric of the clothes. There are several kinds of fabrics that are not suitable for machine washing.


  1. Silk clothing

    Satin, brocade, hollowed-out or embroidered silk clothing products, thin soft texture, poor wear resistance. Machine-washable silk clothing exists, but most silk clothing is not machine-washable. Because the washing inside the washing barrel that runs at high speed, destroy dress structure extremely easily, bring about serious shrink, fluff, hook silk, form pompous ball in surface even, at the same time, satin also can tarnish. Do not wring when hand washing, in order to avoid the problem of shrinkage caused by poor handling, it is best to choose dry cleaning.

  2. Wool clothes

    Wool clothing refers to wool, cashmere clothing, animal fiber, more valuable. There are some machine-washable woolen garments, but dry-cleaning is recommended for most woolen garments. Machine washing tends to damage the texture and wool of the material. In addition, due to the characteristics of wool clothing shrinkage, machine washing, because of high shrinkage, resulting in shrinkage, style out of shape, or adhesion phenomenon.

  3. Embedded silk clothes

    The garment craft that inlay silk is more complex, the process that uses washing machine to wash shake dry, be very easy because absorb water hind shrinkage rate is uneven and be out of shape, affect beautiful, fastness drops, can appear the problem such as drawing silk even. Therefore, it is not suitable for machine washing, and must not be forced to rub, or twisted. After washing, hang it on the hanger and let it drip naturally to dry.

  4. Wear accessories and beaded clothing

     If clothings have a lot of strong design sense act the role ofing article, like sequin, string of beads, if wash with washing machine, string of beads of sequin and manual string of beads are in the agitator process of washing machine, fall off very easily because of attrition, can destroy dress original design not only, still can jam broken washing machine. In addition, they are not allowed to be ironed.

  5. Down jacket

     Down jacket is mainly stuffed with the fluff of birds, the fiber strength is poor, not resistant to rubbing. If washed in a washing machine, the down will be easily crushed or out of position, and the rotating force of the washing machine will also make the fluff curl and knot. It is recommended that the down jacket had better be washed and brushed by hand. After washing, you need to pat and scatter the down .