Polyester Bronzing Suede Fabric

Advantage for SUEDE FOR FURNITURE AND GARMENT/100% POLYESTER SUEDE FACTORY 1. Various design and colours 2. Thick suede fabric 3. Eco-friendly suede fabric 4. Superior quality and good service
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Product Details

polyester bronzing suede fabric for garment

  1. item no: zh18103
  2. composition:4%spandex, 96%poly
  3. weight:230gsm
  4. width:150cm
  5. tech: bronzing
  6. min order:600M/color
  7. lead time: 25days
  8. payment: T/T,L/C

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composition:4%spandex, 96%poly weight:230gsm width:150cm min order: 600M/color lead time:25days


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