Coral velvet, velvet and fleece difference

- Aug 10, 2018-

Coral velvet, Shu cotton velvet and fleece are different. Both fleece and coral velvet are generally pure polyester materials, which are suitable for pajamas, but generally coral velvet is mostly pajamas. Because coral fleece is taller and softer than fleece. The fleece of the fleece is shaken out by the shaker. From the general material will be a little rougher than the coral fleece. Shu cotton velvet is also a kind of coral velvet, but coral velvet is generally 150D/288F and 150D/144F. Shu cotton velvet is generally 200D. The biggest difference is that Shu cotton velvet is longer than coral velvet. High, feel softer. Shu cotton velvet is also known as long hair coral velvet. 1. Coral velvet: Because of the high density between fibers, it is coral-like and has good coverage. It is like a soft coral and soft body. It is called coral fleece. It is a new type of fabric. The fineness of the yarn and the small flexural modulus make the fabric excellent in softness. Fabric features: fine texture, soft hand, no lint, can not afford the ball. Does not fade. It has good water absorption performance and is three times that of cotton products. No irritation to the skin, no allergies. Beautiful appearance and rich colors. It is a cotton bathrobe replacement product that has just emerged in foreign countries. Washing instructions: cold water wash, non-rolling bucket washing machine, please put in the laundry bag. The dark color is washed for the first time, and the light color is fine. It can be machine washed. 2. Fleece: Fleece is a new type of warm fabric that has been introduced in recent years. It is a new type of product that is made by laminating knitted fabric. Its thickness is equivalent to the traditional cotton knit. Fabric features: fluffy fluffy and dense, not easy to shed, pilling, short fluff, clear texture, fluffy elasticity is particularly good. The fleece fabric used for exporting baby bedding is completely treated by antistatic and other special treatments. It is non-toxic and harmless, has no irritation to the skin, and does not have static electricity. It is soft and does not irritate the skin, that is, it keeps warm, and does not affect perspiration. It is a good anti-cold product. Washing instructions: The fleece products are mostly washed with water, using weakly alkaline or neutral detergents.

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