Fleece quality inspection range

- Aug 01, 2018-

1, the front of the fabric pulls the fluff, the fluff is dense and not easy to shed, pilling, the back of the hair is required to be sparsely symmetrical, the fluff is short, the texture of the tissue is clear, fluffy and elastic

2, fabric surface to avoid [[ there are horizontal strips (looms or yarns), shearing machine knife marks or straight strips, indentation caused by excessive stacking pressure, holes (brushing machine), left and right yin and yang hair (showing Brora) Cause), color trace (dyeing), water trace (radiator vapor condensate) and so on. ]]

3, the fleece will be sucked, the surface treatment should be clean, remove the thread and other debris

2. Fleece and related products

2.1 According to the weaving and finishing process, there are mainly the following varieties:

2 Side Brushed With 1 Side anti-pilling polar fleece or both side brushed and one side anti-pilling polar fleece

One side brushed one side anti-pilling polar fleece

Double side brushed and two side anti-pilling polar fleece or both side brushed and both side anti-pilling polar fleece

Single/double fleece: one/two side brushed fleece

Stripping fleece Drop-needle polar fleece

Embossed fleece emboss polar fleece

Jacquard fleece jacquard polar fleece

Ant cloth fleece in one side

Fleece made by double-sided towel machine


Plain fleece

Printed fleece

Transfer printing fleece

Antistatic fleece

Flame retardant fleece

Antibacterial fleece

Water wicking fleece

Waterproof fleece

Hollow (yarn) warm fleece

Imitation lambskin.

Compound fleece

Cut flower fleece

Bronzing fleece

Other special style fleece made of single-sided machine, sweater, double-sided machine, cutting machine and other fabrics

Single-faced velvet or single-brush single-shake fabric, the finished woven fabric is not flat. It is better to use the anti-package machine.

Double-brushed double-shake fabric, double-faced terry woven fabric is superior to positive charter.

The reverse wrapping machine can not weave double-faced velvet or double-brush single-shake, double-brush double-shake fabric.

Concise fleece manufacturing process: raw materials --- weaving --- dyeing --- lifting oil --- drying --- raising --- combing --- shearing --- shake --- stereotype

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