How to collect plush fabrics

- Jan 03, 2018-

About Plush collection We have to pay attention to a lot of places, plush clothing in the collection, to do dust, drying through to the tide after storage, it is best to dry cleaning, dry cleaning can not only decontamination, improve the cleanliness of clothing, but also to the clothing is a disinfection, because the dry cleaning agent four vinyl chloride has a strong efficacy of sterilization and pest.
Plush clothing has a strong moisture absorption, so in rainy season, to often give ventilation or drying, to prevent mildew deterioration, drying should avoid strong light, or sun, to avoid the appearance of fading clothing.
Plush clothing easy to recruit worms, so in a longer time collection, in the suitcase or wardrobe into the moth-proofing agent, to ensure the safety of clothing, plush clothing to be carefully dressed, if there are broken holes to be repaired in time to avoid further expansion.
Plush clothing is high-grade clothing, must not disorderly put, should pay attention to protect the clothing shape, do not cause wrinkles, especially some plush clothing more afraid of pressure, so in the custody of this type of clothing, the use of hangers will suspend storage, to avoid deformation.