How to distinguishmicrofiber fabrics and suede

- Aug 13, 2018-

Microfiber cloth is a kind of flannel, which is delicate and feels a bit like cashmere. Women's shoes are used a lot: face, inner, midsole, some are also treated with water repellent, and a kind of super leather is a PU leather. But only Bray used super fiber cloth.

Sheep leather is divided into goat leather and sheep leather. The characteristics of the sheep skin are that the skin is light and thin, the hand feels soft and smooth and delicate, the pores are small, and the segments are evenly divided and are oblate. Sheep skin is a kind of skin material in the top grade. Now the sheep skin has also broken the traditional style, and processed into a variety of different styles such as embossing, washable, and printing. The structure of the goatskin is slightly stronger than that of the sheepskin, so the tensile strength is better than that of the sheepskin. Because the skin is thicker than the sheepskin, it is more resistant than the sheepskin. The difference with the sheep skin is that the goat's skin is rougher and smoother than the sheep skin, and the hand feel is slightly worse than the sheep skin. Goatskin can now be made into many different styles of skin, washable imitation leather, this skin is not coated, can be directly put into the water to clean, no bleaching and shrinkage is very small. Wax leather, this kind of leather is rolled on the surface of the skin with a layer of oil wax. When the skin encounters folding or crumpling, some light-colored folds will appear. Normally, the fake leather is synthesized. Made of materials, it is not afraid of cockroaches, not easy to mold, good surface water resistance, but synthetic leather is not resistant to high temperatures and is not resistant to chemical attack. There are many kinds of imitation leathers such as PV and PVC. 1 According to the nature of the material, PU skin: PU is polyurethane, which is divided into polyether type and poly-type, and PU leather refers to an artificial leather product with coated surface PU. It is characterized by the softest texture, folding resistance and certain texture. Hygroscopicity. PVC leather; the first generation of PVC artificial leather, based on textile or knitted materials. Polyurethane resin is a coated imitation leather product, which is similar to natural leather, with bright appearance, soft texture, abrasion resistance, folding resistance, acid and alkali resistance. 2 Classification according to the modification characteristics: Elastic leather: It has good flexibility, clear lines, soft and rich color. Rubbing leather: The surface layer has a certain effect layer, which can produce a different effect from the bottom layer by friction, forming a two-color effect or a classical focal color effect. Simulated leather: It has a good simulation effect, and the face has a clear simulation of the pores, the light top surface, and the pores are blurred. Faux suede leather: has the similar characteristics of suede skin, the surface is synthetically similar to the fluff, and the back is the fiber layer. Mirror leather: similar to mirror leather, it is made of moisture-curable polyurethane, which makes the coating bright as a mirror, but the reverse side is synthetic layer or knitted layer. It has two layers of bottom and surface layers, which can be rubbed. The background portion is reproduced to form a two-color glow effect.

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